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Band's list Sludge Metal Black Tusk Set the Dial
Album, Data wpisu : 25 Październik 2011 - Relapse Records
Style: Sludge Metal

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OCENA : 18/20
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1. Brewing the Storm 01:56
2. Bring Me Darkness 03:05
3. Ender of All 04:40
4. Mass Devotion 02:39
5. Carved in Stone 03:36
6. Set the Dial to Your Doom 02:58
7. Resistor 04:27
8. This Time is Divine 02:56
9. Growing Horns 03:27
10. Crossroads and Thunder 04:21
Bonustracks (iTunes Edition)
11. Full Circle (Live 2004) 03:21
12. Facedriver (Live 2004) 02:04
13. Confined to Struggle (Live 2004) 04:17
14. Ender of All (Live 2004) 04:40
Total playing time 34:05

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1 ratings 1 18/20

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    GandhiEgo, środa 22 Luty 2012 Pochwal się swoim znajomym  
Swampy Southern Savannah Sludge

What’s happening in Savannah, Georgia? In case you hadn’t noticed, the gravity center for all things sludge had first shifted from New York to Louisiana and now its epicenter is in Georgia. With a metro of little over 300,000 inhabitants, Savannah seems to concentrate all the goodness of Sludge in the US.

Or is because bands like Baroness or Kylesa have made it there that now every label is looking to have its own Savannah band? Well no, all these bands are related to one another be it in sound but also sharing a few friendships.

It’s safe to assume that out of the three major bands there, Black Tusk are probably the least known. Baroness have gained great popularity because not only of their guitarist signing 50% of all sludge/doom/stoner related artwork in the world but because of this intricate mix of Sludge and 70s prog. Kylesa have also made a name for themselves adding good ole Hardcore to their swampy sound.

And Black Tusk are basically following in the footsteps of both of them and more so in Kylesa’s. Most people kind of complain about this: that the band is basically a Kylesa’s copycat and this new record is not bound to change this point of view. Triple vocal attacks mixed with harcore'ish sludge with groovy as hell riffing is what you want to expect from Set the Dial.

Sure, it’s no bad thing. The album is rather good, repeat value is great but it’s not like you’re going to be impressed all over again. since most people consider their debut Passage Through Purgatory as their best effort yet. This one is just piling up on the ever rising popularity of the local scene and though not a bad thing, there’s nothing new there.

Expect your usual quadruple S: Swampy Southern Savannah Sludge. Quality is top notch but originality-wise it’s a bit of a turndown. Well, not everyone of us is looking for originality so if you expect the next best thing after Baroness, you ought to wait a little longer. If on the other hand, you’ll be content with pummeling bible belt rocking onslaughts, this one's for you.

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