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Band's list Heavy Metal Black Sabbath Live at Last
Live, Released date : June 1980 - NEMS Enterprises
Style: Heavy Metal

RATING : 16/20
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1. Tomorrow's Dream
2. Sweet Leaf
3. Killing Yourself to Live
4. Cornucopia
5. Snowblind
6. Children of the Grave
7. War Pigs
8. Wicked World
9. Paranoid

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18 ratings 1 16/20
11 / 20
    vikingman369, Tuesday 13 September 2011 Talk to your friends  
Technical Ecstasy could not be any worse

Live at Last is the famous unauthorized Black Sabbath live album from the 'old days' of the band. I've got to say, however, that it is perhaps the weakest of all Sabbath material I've ever listened to: and this coming from a die-hard fan of both Sabbath and Heaven and Hell. Perhaps its out of fear that, because he's tuned his guitar so freaking low, Tony will bend the strings out of place, but he just plays like he doesn't care.

"Sweet Leaf" is perhaps the lowest point on this album. It's a fine song, to be sure, but its so damn slow, it makes me question Tony Iommi's capabilities as a guitarist. It's hideously slow pace conjures up images of Ozzy up on stage, waving his arms about to the riff in a very Ozzy kind of way, not exactly the best image.

Every single track on this album has been down-tuned to C#. Now in the case of the songs from Master of Reality onward, that isn't much different than how it is on the CD. That can be excused. But there is no excuse for how terrible "Paranoid" and "War Pigs" sound in this tuning. It makes me think that maybe one of the reasons people rip on Ozzy's singing in Sabbath is that he had to sing in key with a guitarist too afraid to tune his guitar even a half step up. Seriously, D is much better for all of these songs, and maybe Ozzy's voice would get a work-out and sound a little better.

There is, however, one high point on this album. The track "Wicked World", aside from sounding hideous in C# tuning, is actually an eighteen minute jam. Bits from "Into the Void" and "Supernaut" are thrown into the mix, along with minutes upon minutes of Tony Iommi just shredding. Now that's something to remark about, especially coming from a guitarist with two prosthetic fingers.

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