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Deathcore Betraying The Martyrs Breathe in Life
Album, Released date : 20 September 2011 - Listenable Records / Sumerian Records
Style: Deathcore
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RATING SOM : 18/20
All rates : 17/20 You must be logged to rate this album
1. Ad Astra 01:30
2. Martyrs 04:13
3. Man Made Disaster 04:12
4. Because of You 04:40
5. Tapestry of Me 04:36
6. Liberate Me Ex Inferis 01:50
7. Leave it All Behind 04:56
8. Life is Precious (ft. Eddie Czaicki) 04:39
9. Love Lost 04:40
10. Azalée 03:44
11. When You're Alone (ft. Kevin Traoré of As They Burn and Steve Garner of The Bridal Procession) 03:52
Total playing time 42:52

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76 ratings 6 17/20
17 / 20
    Metalhead108, Sunday 05 August 2012 Talk to your friends  
A great debut!!!

Breathe in Life is an album worth listening to if you are into such bands as Winds of Plague or Born of Osiris or any of the sort. This debut album has many great moments, but also some moments that you are not really sure why they did that. To start off, this album's strong points are definitely the musicianship that this band withholds. Betraying the Martyrs really have a great cooperation between the instruments and really bring together a great sound. The inclusion of the keyboards are also a great touch on the overall sound and tone of the album, the keyboards give the sound an awesome symphonic sound that really hits home with deathcore fans.

The guitar playing in this album is sometimes very repetitive and sometimes boring but at some points very mature and very cool riffs. These riffs can be shown in tracks such as Martyrs. The bassist in this album shows good cooperation skills with the guitar players, he is not extremely loud but you would know if he was missing something. The production on the guitars could have been done a little better though. In some sections of the tracks you can hear a high squeaking noise in the background and it's only when the guitars play so I'm assuming it's them. Other than that, very solid guitar work I hope it continues on to the next album.

The vocalization in this album is at most points very good, that includes the clean vocals as well, they too are very well done. The only bad parts in the vocalizations are that some of the high screams are not as good as his lows.

The drummer in this album is amazing. I thought he was going to be like most generic deathcore drummers doing mostly blast beats and breakdowns (not that that is a bad thing), but in fact he does these insane and odd snare hits that seem like they are off beat but not and he does very well with the double bass and all that good stuff. Nothing really bad I can say about him he did very well in this debut.

Overall this album is by far one of the best debuts ive heard and there is definitely more to come from Betraying the Martyrs. I gave this album a 17/20, a solid score because a very solid and well put together album. I hope this review gave you an insight to the band and if you like them definitely buy this album and support them.

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