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Band's list Hardcore Betrayal (USA-2) Abandonment
Album, Data wpisu : 26 Kwiecień 2011 - Mediaskare
Style: Hardcore

OCENA : 16/20
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1. Low Expectations 02:44
2. Without a Doubt 03:28
3. Abandonment 03:16
4. The Good Die Young 03:30
5. Revolution 03:16
6. Interlude 02:40
7. Human Nature 03:10
8. Our Enemy 02:52
9. Worth It All 03:53
10. Death of a Memory 02:39
11. Ailments 04:16
12. Voiceless 02:56
Total playing time 38:40

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2 ratings 1 16/20

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17 / 20
    CLucker666, Wtorek 01 Maj 2012 Pochwal się swoim znajomym  
A damn good hardcore record

Betrayal is a hardcore band from Los Angelos, California and I actually just saw them live a couple days ago with Gideon, First Blood, and Sleeping Giant. They are actually pretty cool guys, but I am pretty sure the vocalist was drunk. He does not scream as good live as in the album but he still is a great vocalist. I bought the CD at the show and I am addicted to it.

They have a decent amount of breakdowns in their songs but most of them kinda just flow into the songs. There are a three that stick out to me. The first track Low Expectation has one that screams expect the worst over and over and it is just a really catchy breakdown that gets you moving. The one in Revolution is relatively the same thing except it says revolution over and over. The last one I recommend is The Good Die Young. They have an Interlude right after that song and it takes you away from all the madness in the rest of the songs and puts you in a peaceful mood. It has a good atmosphere in the first part and then goes into an acoustic part and that gradually flows back into what you heard at the start of the song.

They only played with one guitarist live so the guitars are not really really heavy but they have that kind of "djent" sounding buzz to them and it makes the one guitar sound okay. It is mostly 6th string strumming, I guess to make it seem more powerful which actually works quite well.

They drums are really great. There is a lot of double bass, especially in the title track Abandonment which features Jonathan Vigil of The Ghost Inside. Most the beginning guitar riffs have a lot of double bass from the drums in the background.

You can't really hear the bass so much. You can just tell that the guitars would not sound nearly as heavy without it, but, individually it does not stick out much.

Abandonment is a real good hardcore album and if your in the mood for that then this is one of my top pics. Also the vocalist is really bad ass, considering he was wearing a mickey mouse sweater while screaming on stage. So they definitely get props from me for looking hardcore in a mickey mouse sweater. I will give this album a 17/20. I recommend this record to any hardcore/deathcore/metalcore fans.

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