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Band's list Pagan Black Belenos Spicilège
CD, Released date : July 2002 - Sacral Productions / Northern Silence Productions
Style: Pagan Black
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RATING SOM : 16/20
All rates : 17/20 You must be logged to rate this album
Limited to 1000 copies.
Re-Issued in 2012 by Northern Silence Productions with a new cover and bonustracks.
1. Tal Ifern
2. Ensorcelé
3. Terre de Brume
4. Noz Pagan
5. Par Belenos
6. Mort Divine
7. Loin au Nord
8. L'antre Noir
9. Chant d'Automne
Bonustracks (Re-Issued 2012)
10. Le Déluge (Live)
11. Par Belenos (Live)
12. L'Enfer Froid (Live)
13. Tal Ifern (Unreleased Version)
14. Terre de Brume (Unreleased Version)
15. Par Belenos (Unreleased Version)
16. Ensorcele (Unreleased Version)

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37 ratings 2 17/20
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