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Band's list Deathcore Attila (USA-2) Outlawed
Album, Data wpisu : 16 Sierpień 2011 - Razor and Tie / Artery Recordings
Wyprodukowany przez : Sturgis Joey, Nagrany w : The Foundation Recording Studios
Style: Deathcore

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OCENA : 16/20
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1. Outlawed 02:01
2. Light Me Up 03:04
3. Nothing Left to Say 03:02
4. Another Round 02:38
5. Nasty Mouth 03:29
6. Smokeout 02:41
7. Holler at Ya Boy 03:25
8. Sex, Drugs & Violence 02:49
9. White Lightning 02:59
10. Payback 03:35
Total playing time 29:43

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29 ratings 1 16/20

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16 / 20
    CLucker666, Poniedziałek 02 Kwiecień 2012 Pochwal się swoim znajomym  
Fun but nothing to take too seriously

Attila is what some people refer to as 'Party Metal,' All their lyrics are based on getting drunk, high or girls and obviously partying. Some parts of songs can just be really stupid and annoying but their songs are extremely catchy and it somewhat makes up for it. I really like this band, but it is not something I can listen to for hours and hours and not get bored. Now onto what this album is composed of.

Well one thing that is unique and good about Attila is their Vocalist. His lows are not anything way too different but his highs have a really gritty sound to them and they are really cool. He does kind of a yell/scream that is mid toned and I just do not understand how he does it. I have not heard any other vocalist do it, which is what makes it so cool to listen to. He does it very frequently so you will know what I am talking about. Other than his meaningless lyrics, he is not a bad vocalist at all.

Their guitars and drums are pretty standard, they are aveRage deathcore/metalcore riffs and breakdowns. I think they do have some really catchy groovy riffs but the highlight of Attila is definitely their vocalist. The drummer is not really a superstar by any means but he keeps up with the beat and does the job.

Some of my favorite tracks off this album are Nasty Mouth, Payback, and Nothing Left To Say. Nasty Mouth just has a catchy breakdown towards the middle of the song and ends with a girl saying yeah in a seductive voice and it's just really funny. Payback just has a flat out awesome intro. He screams a bunch of words extremely fast, faster than I have ever heard anyone else scream before. Really there is only one reason I care for Nothing Left To say and it is because of one breakdown.

Well this album is based on catchy riffs and funny party lyrics and it is a really fun listen but it would be better if they could show us they actually put some thought into their lyrics. I do look forward to seeing them live on the all stars tour this year because they seem like more of a live band to me. Well anyways, I give this album a 16/20.

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