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Band's list Gothic Death Atrocity (GER) B.L.U.T.
Album, Released date : 1994 - Napalm Records (AUT) / Massacre Records / Irond Records
Style: Gothic Death

RATING : 14/20
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Re-Issue in 2008 by Napalm Records.
Re-Issue in 2008 by Irond Records for Russian Release.
1. Trial 04:17
2. Miss Directed 03:38
3. ...In my Veins 04:41
4. B.L.U.T. 05:40
5. I'm in Darkness 03:35
6. Calling the Rain 05:38
7. Moon-Struck 05:26
8. Ever and Anon 04:04
9. Begotten Son (Of Wrath) 05:32
10. Into the Maze 01:29
11. Leichenfeir 06:43
12. Goddess in Black 04:17
13. Threnody (The Spirit Never Dies) 04:29
14. Soul Embrace 01:28
15. Land Beyond the Forest 03:17
Total playing time 1:01:34

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7 ratings 1 14/20
    arcturus78, Saturday 31 March 2012 Talk to your friends  
Blutty dissapointing

OOhhh dear. This was one hell of a let down. Todessehnsucht was such a great album, and then they came back with this. I don't even know what genre this falls into. Gothic metal is probably the description but even then, gothic metal can be 80's revival music or black metal.

Lets start with the image of it. Sure it reeks of gothic images. Its inlet book and album cover art is decorated with photos of remote Transilvanian mountains, maps, and photos of countrysides with old fences with cow skulls placed on it. There's a strong medieval image to it as well. The band's pictures are illustrations of the members wearing crowns and medieval clothing with 15th centruy writing and dates. Looking good so far, but then you put the CD in the stereo...and thats where all this nice imagery comes un-done.

Musically, it isn't terrible. They're still good musicians, but this album has steered away from death metal, and has slowed down, to form an average gothic metal band. Gone is the blast beats, and aggressive death metal vocals. They still had some good ideas with this album, and the music can still hold some techincality of it's previous album, but where this album goes so wrong is the vocals, and it's just a generaly confusing as to what it's supposed to be.

At it's most aggressive the vocalist Alex sounds like a really pissed off Yoda. The second track 'misdirected' is exactly that. He breaks into 'Mr cool'sounding in this funk metal sound alike song, and then he belts out such irritating lines as "One two fuck you".

This can be a very sing along toe tap with Atrocity CD. The confusion is added to by funk metal tracks like Misdirected. A few tracks later we have a sample from an Australian Zombie killer movie, and then we have 'Calling the Rain' which an Acoustic folk music track with female and male vocals...how does all this mash into a medieval Transilvanian CD? But what really annoyed me is that this is actualy a very long album. Yes, over an hour of this!!I actualy walked away in bad mode after listening to this.

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