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Melodic Death At The Gates Slaughter of the Soul
CD, data de aparición : 14 Noviembre 1995 - Earache Records
Produced by : Nordström Fredrik

NOTA SOM : 16/20
All rates : 18/20 tienes que ser miembro para depositar una nota
1. Blinded by Fear
2. Slaughter of the Soul
3. Cold
4. Under a Serpent Sun
5. Into the Dead Sky
6. Suicide Nation
7. World of Lies
8. Unto Others
9. Nausea
10. Need
11. The Flames of the End
Bonustrack (2002 Expanded Edition)
12. Legion (Slaughterlord Cover)
13. The Dying (Unreleased track from Slaughter of the Soul Sessions)
14. Captor of Sin (Slayer Cover)
15. Unto Others ('95 Demo)
16. Suicide Nation ('95 Demo)
17. Bister Verklighet (No Security Cover)

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176 ratings 4 18/20

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19 / 20
    WarMetal, Lunes 12 Diciembre 2005 habla de eso a tus amigos  

One year after their magnificient performance "Terminal Spirit Disease", At The Gates were here to show what they’re still able to.

"Slaughter of the Soul" is then the worthy successor that comes dynamic, more intense and more trashy. The composition of this album is based on the same ingredients of its predecessor : progressive death riffs, trash parts and melodies on the Gotheburg way. But the evolution is all the same present and showed on quick parts, the dynamism follows the melancholy and the trashy shape of the composition. A real massacre offered then by the swedish quartet and a delight that nobody could refuse.

The voice of Thomas Lindberg is always sublime and more trashy which suits perfectly the Björler brothers who insist on the trashy shape of this opus.

The drummer does the necessary by following perfectly the guitar rythm.

The only regret is that’s the last album of the band but which will remain for always among the absolute references of the scene.

"Slaughter of the Soul" is a true classical kind that everyone should possess.

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