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Band's list Thrash Metal Anthrax We've Come for You All
Album, Released date : 27 February 2003 - Nuclear Blast
Produced by : Benante Charlie, Recorded at : Bear Track Studios
Style: Thrash Metal

RATING SOM : 14/20
All rates : 16/20 You must be logged to rate this album
1. Contact 01:15
2. What Doesn't Die 04:10
3. Superhero 04:03
4. Refuse to Be Denied 03:20
5. Safe Home 05:11
6. Any Place But Here 05:49
7. Nobody Knows Anything 02:57
8. Strap It On 03:32
9. Black Dahlia 02:38
10. Cadillac Rock Box 03:41
11. Taking the Music Back 03:11
12. Crash 00:58
13. Think About an End 05:09
14. W.C.F.Y.A. (We've Come for You All) 04:12
Bonustracks (Limited Digipack Edition)
15. Safe Home (Acoustic Version) 05:55
16. We're a Happy Family (The Ramones Cover) 05:07
Total playing time 53:06

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96 ratings 3 16/20
16 / 20
    L4G4RT0, Sunday 21 November 2010 Talk to your friends  
It's been ages since I've heard about Anthrax, mainly because I felt a bit uninterested by the band's kind of sound but some weeks ago I decided to take a listen to this "We've Come for You All" and here I am now writing about it.

I admit that I feel very impressed by the album because I didn't saw this coming...! I was kinda expecting to hear those old formulas, the "old" guys trying to be funny while they are not funny anymore, but Anthrax are really different now: a more mature band, with some very interesting sound mixing rock and thrash metal in a very balanced way, going smoother sometimes, louder once in a while, but maintaining their coolness, yes because that's what Anthrax has always been about! The band managed to build some instant classics like "Superhero", "Safe Home", the funny "Cadillac Rock Box" and "Taking the Music Back", with great rhythm and catchy melodies, but they also managed to build some more serious and intense tracks like "Any place but here", "Refuse to be denied" or "
One of the strengths of Anthrax is a man called John Bush! He's always been a great vocalist and even Metallica wanted him in the old days when no one in the band wanted to sing (yes, now we like Hetfield, mainly because we got used to him but imagine this guy singing in Metallica: it would've been great!). Well, John Bush gives Anthrax a power that the band didn't had before with Belladonna. It's not that Belladonna is a bad singer at all but hell Bush is more of a thrash singer than Belladonna is and it's voice is almost perfect in this work. The tougher songs are "Strap it on" and the really heavy "Black Dahlia", but although I don't like them too much, it's my personal taste because there's Nothing really wrong with them.

"We've Come for You All" is (after all) a great work for Anthrax. Some might say it has some "easy" songs, made for being radio-hits but if that it's part of the fun, I don't have anything negative to say about that, since I have myself turned a bit softer since the 90's, when I could listen to much less-melodic songs. Overall ratings here are a bit low in my opinion but it's my understanding that this might be one of the best Anthrax albums.

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