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Heavy Rock Andrew WK Close Calls with Brick Walls
Album, Released date : 05 July 2006 - Universal Music Group
Style: Heavy Rock

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RATING : 11/20
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1. I Came for You
2. Close Calls with Bal Harbour
3. Not Going to Bed
4. You Will Remember Tonight
5. Pushing Drugs
6. Hand on the Place
7. One Brother
8. Las Vegas, Nevada
9. Dr. Dumont
10. I Want to See You Go Wild
11. When I'm High
12. Golden Eyed Dog
13. Into the Clear
14. Mark My Grace
15. Don't Call Me Andy
16. The Background
17. Slam John Against a Brick Wall
18. The Moving Room
Bonustracks (Korean Release)
19. Can You Dance with Me ?
20. This Is My World
21. I Want Your Face
22. Let's Go on a Date

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