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Band's list Grindcore Anal Cunt The Old Testament
Compilation, Released date : 22 November 2011 - Relapse Records
Style: Grindcore

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RATING SOM : 14/20
All rates : 15/20 You must be logged to rate this album
1. 1st Demo
2. 47 Song Demo
3. 88 Song E.P. (Part. 1)
4. 88 Song E.P. (Part. 2)
5. Live in Indiana 20 Ferbruary 1989
6. A.C. Side of Split 7" with 7 Minutes Of Nausea
7. A.C. Songs from Apocalypse Convulsion 10"
8. 5643 Song E.P. (Part. 1)
9. 5643 Song E.P. (Part. 2)
10. Another E.P. (Part. 1)
11. Another E.P. (Part. 2)
12. Live in Schwabisch Hall, Germany 03/04/1990
13. Live in Berlin, Germany 20/04/1990
1. A.C. Side of Split 7" (ft. Meat Shits)
2. A.C. Side of Split 7” (ft Psycho)
3. A.C. Songs from the Master of Noise 12” (Compilation)
4. Side One of Unplugged E.P.
5. Side Two of Unplugged E.P.
6. Side One of Live E.P
7. Side Two of Live E.P
8. Riverbottom Nightmare Band
9. Boy George
10. Anal Cunt Theme Song (Instrumental)
11. Even Newest H.C. Song #1
12. Precursor to Song #6 (Instrumental)
13. Song #5

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1 ratings 1 15/20
    GandhiEgo, Wednesday 22 February 2012 Talk to your friends  
Keeping on writing the obituary

Seth Putnam, Anal Cunt's frontman departed on 11 June 2011… Wait, that doesn’t sound good. Departed? Putnam? Let me start this all over again. This isn’t some PC band…

Seth Putnam died the fuck away on 11 June 2011. He was Metal’s most despised dickkead, the perfect asshole everyone loved to hate. While the first full-lengths were released under the banner of Earache Records, the UK-based label probably no longer amused with those guys’ antics dropped them and subsequent releases were either released by obscure labels or Putnam’s own Wicked Sick Records.

But Putnam was a fucking rockstar. So someone had to dig up his freshly dug grave to release something vaguely mercantile. This “Old Testament” was actually planned to be released on Wicked Sick Records but I guess doing business six feet under doesn’t help you get much shit done. So the mighty Relapse Records (the label behind the debut Morbid Florist) came in giving fans a helping hand in releasing this stuff.

While the ink of Putnam’s obituary is still fresh, it’s nice to see that there are willing rats out there to give a dog a bone. Let’s be thankful though instead of just bashing the poor label. As it is written on the cover, this two-cd posthumous album features probably all of the tracks recorded by the band between 1988 and 1991 and unless you’re the die-hard fan of everything AC, chances are none of us own everything here (from demos to split records). So it's a good retrospective if you've enjoyed the band and wanted to get into their earlier material.

At least, Relapse Records had the decency to release something useful which most AC fans will want to acquire (I hope some money gets to AC members and/or Putnam's family). For the best-of with the stupid song titles that everyone knew by heart without being able to identify the track, I'm sure we can all count on Whoreache Records to come up with something stupid on digipacked dualdisc. Every gay record label should be killed.

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