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Band's list Death Thrash Anaflaxia Promo Pack 2006
CD, Released date : 2006 - Self-Produced
Style: Death Thrash

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1. Intro
2. Opus Demontre
3. Blasphemy And Bloodthirst
4. A Colder Day In Heaven
5. Interlude I (Whispers Of The Gallows)
6. The Cloudy Fortress
7. Living Flesh, Dying Soul
8. A Victim Shadow Of Twilight
9. Interlude II (Steps Through The End)
10. A Wofen ´s Cry
11. Outro
12. Portal Of Misery (Bonus)
13. Coma Of Souls (Kreator Cover)
14. War Ensemble (Slayer Cover)
15. Agent Orange (Sodom Cover)
16. Dead Embryonic Cells (Sepultura Cover)
17. Behind The Space (In Flames Cover)
18. Legions Of The Dead (Testament Cover)

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