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Band's list Grindcore Anaal Nathrakh Eschaton
Album, Erscheinungsdatum : 17 Oktober 2006 - Season Of Mist
Style: Grindcore

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Bewertung SOM : 16/20
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1. Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes 03:16
2. Between Shit and Piss We Are Born 03:54
3. Timewave Zero 03:01
4. The Destroying Angel 03:11
5. Waiting for the Barbarians 04:46
6. The Yellow King 04:54
7. When the Lion Devours Both Dragon and Child 04:57
8. The Necrogeddon 04:11
9. Regression to the Mean 03:12
Total playing time 35:23

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68 ratings 3 17/20

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17 / 20
    LlamaSabachthani, Freitag 04 Februar 2011 Benachrichtige deine Freunde  
Oh, my, self.

This band has been the archetype of the brutal misanthropic-sounding band for a while, so I wont describe how... brutal and misanthropic-sounding the album is. If you're reading this review to know if you should check out that album or not, get on youtube and type "When the lion devours both dragon and child" and you'll understand why I rated it 17, the epic chorus in this song is something I had never heard in metal: mixing beauty (because of the vocals) and brutality (because of the rest of the band) to epicness (again, but it had to be repeated). Eschaton being a word that refers to the end of the world, the title describes perfectly the album if you want my opinion.
Just by looking at the titles you know you're gonna get something violent, but not stupid, straight up your face. At first I thought that band was the most unlistenable band in the whole world, because of the vocals, but then I looked at this album, saw the track "Between shit and piss we are born" and told myself "well these guys have a good culture, they must not be doing retarded music!" since it is a quote of the theologian Saint Augustine of Hippo (they made sure to Nathrakh it, of course) concerning his disdain for the body and sexuality. And then their awesome music came in me through a different, more open, ear, and that's how I fully understood the essence of Anaal's complex music. For a more classical review I'd say that this is a masterpiece filled with blastbeats, shriekings and mad but rare solos, with some clean vocals parts that make me want to label them as a "power brutal black grindcore" band.
Note that they are only composed of one guy recording all the instruments, and one other who sings and writes the (mostly) useless lyrics, so bow to them !

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