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Brutal Death Amputated Wading Through Rancid Offal
Album, Released date : 02 November 2009 - Sevared Records
Style: Brutal Death

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RATING SOM : 18/20
All rates : 17/20 You must be logged to rate this album
1. Slam Pig 03:48
2. Dripping Ovipositor 02:38
3. Psycho-Doctrinal Lobotomization 03:25
4. Projectile Beer Vomit 02:23
5. Repugnant Genital Deformity 02:27
6. Uterus Swollen with Festering Putrescence 03:40
7. Cunt Like a Sewer 03:52
8. Wading Through Rancid Offal 03:08
9. Regenerate the Carnifex 04:03
Total playing time 29:24

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13 ratings 1 17/20
20 / 20
    ThatzNOTmetaL, Thursday 19 April 2012 Talk to your friends  
a sure fire win from the start...

Amputated is a name which is well known throughout the UK and the rest of the world in terms of brutal death metal. The band first came to light with the Up to Our Nuts in Guts split album with Leptotrichia in 2004 and since then have gained massive popularity with their two full length studio albums. However the latest installment and second release from the band Wading Through Rancid Offal is where I delve today, the album was released in 2009 through the ever popular Severed Records.

I had high hopes for this album being a big fan of Gargling with Infected Semen, and I can certainly say it more than lived up to the hype, what with the mix of black comedy style song titles such as Projectile Beer Vomit and perfect sampled intros the album was a sure fire win from the start. But in all honesty the album musically is a haven, the guitar riffs in particular are something that I find overwhelming in this masterpiece, a lot of riffs in death metal get lost due to the heaviness and speed but Amputated have found a perfect balance where every note can be picked out which makes for an ever more catchy album. One riff that startles me every time is the opening riff to Psycho-Doctrinal Lobotamization the use of all instruments in this sequence come together perfectly and for any brutal death metal fan this is a delight for the ears.

Amputated have really pulled out all the stops on this one proving brutal death metal as a genre to be taken more seriously, and creating a modern classic for the genre, if you haven’t heard Amputated then check them out and pick up Wading Through Rancid Offal a perfect album from start to finish and one that is bound to turn anyone into a slam freak.

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