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Band's list Grindcore 54R Votus
EP, Released date : November 2009 - The House That Doom Built
Style: Grindcore

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RATING : 10/20
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1. He Belongs to Death and Brings Death With Him 00:47
2. The Eyes of the Black Ram 00:32
3. Sherman's March to the Sea 01:01
4. Hell Has a New Door Between Her Legs 00:45
5. The Feast of a Thousand Harlots 00:31
6. Casting Shadows and Holding Hands With Ghosts 00:34
7. A Shroud for a Long Journey 00:33
8. And your Blood Will Blot Out the Sun 01:06
Total playing time 05:49

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1 ratings 0 10/20
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